Scan & Shop FAQ

1. How and where can I download the 'Scan&Shop' app?

The app can be downloaded from Google Playstore for Android users and Appstore for iOS users.

2. Does every store use the same QR code to start scanning?

No. The store QR code differs from store to store. You should only scan the QR code provided at that particular store to proceed further.

3. How do I start scanning my products?

First, scan the store QR code. Then, choose My Lotus's member or non-member. Now, you can start scanning products.

4. Where and how do I make payments?

Once you have finished scanning all your items, select 'Finish shopping' on the top right corner of the app. This will generate a code to be scanned by a cashier. Then, payment can be made at any manned checkout or self-service machines using cash, credit/debit card or e-wallets.

5. Can I checkout and pay via online banking?

No. The application does not support in-app payment option for checkout. However, payment can be made through self-service counters via cash / credit cards / e-wallets

6. Can I collect my My Lotus's points via this app? If yes, how?

The My Lotus's points will be automatically captured into the system upon checkout.

7. What if I accidentally scanned the same product twice?

The product can be removed from your list of scanned products by scanning the product again.

8. Must I scan all over again should I want to make a last minute purchase, or want to remove one of the products, after I've clicked "Finish shopping"?

After the cashier has scanned the generated code from your app, you are still able to add to your purchase by letting the cashier scan your additional product manually. Also, the cashier can void an item manually for any products you wish to remove.

9. What if the item I want to purchase has a promotion? Will the app detect the promotional value?

The app will be able to capture the discounted prices of products. For promotions such as value buys, the app will show the promotional value and if the set criteria is met, the promotion price will be captured in the app.

10. Why are there random checks at the checkout before I make my payment?

As a part of our procedures, randomly-picked customers will have to go through checks on their scanned items.

11. Why are my bags checked after I have made payment?

The bags will be checked only if the operation team finds there is a need for it as a part of our procedures.

12. Can I use my vouchers and coupons?

Vouchers and coupons can be used at the checkouts during payment.

13. Why is there a message prompt when I scan electrical products?

The message is to prompt you to make payment at the right checkout for an easy product-testing process.

14. Why is there a message prompt when I scan some products with security tags?

It is to prompt you to separate those products in your cart for a smoother security deactivation or removal process at the checkout.

15. Why is there a message prompt when I scan alcohol products?

It is to inform you that the legal age to purchase alcohol is 21, and that alcohol is prohibited for Muslims.

16. Why is there a message prompt when I scan pork or non-halal items?

It is to prompt you to make payments at dedicated non-halal counters, and that it is prohibited for Muslims.

17. Do I need to scan my My Lotus's membership every time I make a purchase?

No. You only need to scan it once and it will be captured for future purchases.

18. Can I use the app at the self-service checkouts?

Yes. Our self-service checkouts can accept transactions via Scan & Shop application, and customers can proceed payment by cash, cards, e-wallets & vouchers as per normal practice.

19. Is Scan & Shop service available in all Stores?

Yes, as of 27th Feb 2020 Scan & Shop is available at all our current stores and future stores.


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