Step 1

Download Lotus's Scan & Shop Application

Step 2

Launch Scan & Shop application and scan QR code at store

Step 3

Download Lotus's Scan & Shop Application

Step 4

Scan barcodes on item(s)

Step 5

Make payments at cashier or self-checkout with your barcode
Fast check out. Save the time from unload item from trolley to be scan and pack back into trolley. Now scan and arrange along the way. Works as a price checker too. Item can be deleted. Handy for those wants to control their spending. Awesome.
Easy to use and helps you to monitor your spending and list of item you have bought. Fabulous!
Love, Friendly user! Love it! Make my shopping journey easier & smooth. No need to take out goods up to scan and pay, just show the barcode and done! Thanks
Very convenient! It is very convenient for me. I’m super excited to use hehe. Good job!


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