Lotus's Order & Collect FAQ

Lotus’s Order & Collect Program FAQs

1)      What is Lotus’s Order & Collect program?

Lotus’s Order & Collect is an on-demand program that enables customers to place orders via WhatsApp and collect the items on the same day the order is placed.

2)      What items am I allowed to purchase using the Lotus’s Order & Collect program?

As of Sept 21st, 2021, all range in store is available to order via Order & Collect. However, this is subject to product availability at stores. To make selection easier, our personal shopper will share weekly promotional item list with you when contacted. Customers may also sign up for our Weekly newsletter here.

3)      Is this service available in all Lotus’s stores in Malaysia?

As of Sept 23rd, 2021, Order & Collect service is available is all Lotus’s stores.

4)      Can I place the orders while in the store?

No, customers are encouraged to place orders via WhatsApp only. Contact numbers for each store is stated on our website.

5)      What time is this service available?

Customers can place orders via WhatsApp anytime between 8am – 4pm daily. Last order is at 4pm.

6)      How can I collect my Grocery items?

With newly improved Order & Collect service, you are now able to collect your groceries either by self-collect at our store, drive through collection or by arranging your own rider service.

In-store payment & collection; Upon receiving your order, the personal shoppers will advise you on your estimated collection time. The payment needs to be made within 30 minutes, and the last collection is at 6pm.  

7)      Is there any limit to number orders per day?

Yes. There are a total 100 slots available on a first come first serve basis. Customer will be notified via WhatsApp when order full upon contacting the stores on their dedicated WhatsApp number.

8)      What is the dedicated WhatsApp contact number for each store?

Refer to table at the end of this FAQ.

9)      How can I place my orders for this service?

Customers may send a WhatsApp text Message by providing their name, contact number, email address, MyLotus’s member barcode, detailed shopping list with product name, quantity and weight indication.

10) Is there a limit to the number of items I can order per transaction?

No, there is no limit to your order, however you may be charged for additional reusable plastic bags, that will be used to pack your items.

11)   What would happen if an item in my shopping list is not available?

In case of product unavailability, our personal shoppers will contact customers based on contact details provided in the order message to offer a suitable substitution. Customer may accept or reject offered substitution.

12)   How would I know if my purchase is ready for collection?

Upon picking completion, our personal shopper will contact you to inform your collection time along with your purchase barcode. If you are using our online payment method, you are required to make a payment ahead of collection.

13)   Where do I make payment?

a.       Customers may make payment by presenting purchase barcode at the dedicated Order & Collect counter in the store. This needs to be done within 30 minutes upon receiving the WhatsApp notification from our Personal Shopper on the total amount along with the purchase barcode.

b.       Customers are encouraged to use our online payment method, that supports cards payment (Mastercard & VISA), online transfers via FPX and e-wallets. Personal shopper will share a payment link via email or WhatsApp once order confirmation is made. Kindly click on the link, continue with payment for the transaction to be completed.

14)      What type of payment modes are accepted during payment?

We accept cash (In Store only), credit card, debit card, e-wallet payments and online payment including online transfers.

15)   Am I still entitled for MyLotus’s member points for the purchases I make via Lotus’s Order & Collect?

Yes. If you opt for payment at store, please present your MyLotus’s member to our cashier before making payment at the counter. If you wish to proceed with the e-payment, our personal shopper registered contact number, this will able your points be registered to your purchase. 

16)   Will I be able to redeem my MyLotus’s member rewards or points with Order & Collect purchases?

If you opt for payment at store, you will be able to redeem MyLotus’s member reward or point upon checkout. However, this is not available with payment online method for now.

17)   Collection process

Customers have 3 options to collect, this will be agreed upon with our personal shoppers during your WhatsApp conversation with them:

a.       As is collection

                                                               i.      Once received the transaction barcode from our Personal Shopper, customers can pick up their shopping in store just by approaching our staff at the dedicated counter.

b.      Drive through

                                                               i.      With this method our personal shopper will guide you on the collection point at our parking lot. Collection points can be identified by our signages. 

                                                             ii.      Customers are to advice our personal shopper of their arrival time. There will be 10-15 minutes waiting time as the runners prepare your items for collection. 

c.       3rd party collection

                                                               i.      Customers can choose their preferred rider service and make the necessary arrangement by confirming the pickup time and name of rider service. Do share your name and your order number with the rider in order to avoid any miscommunications.

18)   Can I have the items delivered to my home address?

Yes. However, the delivery will be fulfilled by a third-party delivery service and is subjected to delivery charged. There will be a RM 8 flat rate charged for the first 10km, additional RM 1 will be charged for every additional 1km if the delivery location exceeds the 10KM radius. Delivery service is only available at Lotus’s Ara Damansara and Lotus’s Ampang now.

19)   Will I be able to claim refunds and refunds with order & Collect?

There will be no refunds and returns with order and collect as our personal shoppers will require order confirmation from customers on items picked and substitutions selected prior to making payment online.

20)  How will my personal data collected through Order & Collect will be handled?

In order to serve you as best as we can we do require your personal details, this will include but not limited to your name, contact number, email address, MyLotus’s member information and residence address if you require us to arrange a delivery.  It will only be used for Order & Collect service and as per the privacy policy stated on our website: https://corp.lotuss.com.my/privacy-policy

21)   For more information on this Order and Collect Program please refer to:



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